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Explore our charter booking services which offer a range of vessels for the perfect sea adventure, including minicruise ships, motor sailer yachts, catamarans, sailboats and gulets in Croatia.

Our team is dedicated to finding the best fit for your needs and preferences. Whether you're seeking a day trip or a week-long voyage, we will make sure your charter booking is tailored to your desires.

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Small cruise ships

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Ranging from deluxe to extremely luxurious models, our offer of small cruise ships is ideal for vacations, incentives for business partners and corporate events. These ships are also known as mini cruisers, which offer spacious accommodations with large living areas making them a perfect setting to explore Croatia.

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Motor yacht charter

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Due to their unique blend of size, speed and comfort, motor yachts are ideal for family vacations. Offering both luxury and fast transfers, these yachts are perfect for exploring the hidden gems of the Adriatic. If you are looking to explore hidden coves, visit historic ports and sun-kissed islands, chartering a motor yacht is the way to go.

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Gulets in Croatia

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Gulet cruises are growing in popularity and quickly becoming the hottest trend in yachting. Chartering a gulet in Croatia is an excellent choice if you want to experience authentic seafaring with a touch of luxury. Gulets are ideal for groups of friends or two families due to their capacity.

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Luxury motor sailer charter

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For those looking for the perfect balance between comfort and luxury, our motor sailer yachts in Croatia offer the best of both worlds. Motor sailers are the ultimate trend in yachting due to their stunning design and beautiful sails which offer a truly unique vacation experience. These vessels are surely the most luxurious way to sail.

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Croatia catamaran charters

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Our catamaran and sailboat charters offer a stable and spacious option for families or groups of friends seeking a unique sailing experience on the Adriatic. Catamarans and sailboats represent the most popular trend in yachting due to the fact that they offer the best value for money, without sacrificing luxury or comfort.

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About Lord Yachting

Lord Yachting is a yacht charter agency operating in Croatia since 2006. We are experts in organizing tailor-made yacht, gulet and sailboat cruises. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you plan your cruise on the Adriatic, offering reliable charter and rental services, as well as all-round support.

Lord Yachting is a part of Free Spirit Tours, a company with a rich experience in organised travel and tours throughout Croatia.

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Our services

Our services cover everything you need for a perfect yachting holiday in Croatia. From arranging transfers and accommodations from the moment you arrive to creating itineraries and preference lists tailor made to your desires, Lord Yachting is the ideal partner in organising your trip to Croatia.

Whether on land or at sea, we are dedicated to offering 24/7 support to our customers meaning you will always have complete assistance.

Why is yachting in Croatia so popular?

Yachting in Croatia is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Chief amongst them is the natural beauty of the coastline, which is comprised of over a thousand islands, islets and reefs. Croatia is an ideal destination for yachting because of its crystal clear waters and many bays and coves which you can reach by sea. Croatia is rich in yachting infrastructure, with numerous marinas and ports that cater to yachts.

Apart from the natural beauties and the amenities, the Croatian coast offers visitors excellent local cuisine, world-class wine and a culture rich in history. To top it off, Croatia is one of the top destinations for yachting because it has favorable climate for yachting and sailing, with calm waters and consistent winds.

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We are a part of Free Spirit Tours

Lord Yachting is a Free Spirit Tours brand dedicated to providing the best in off shore services. Free Spirit Tours is an innovative tour operator based in Zagreb, with over 7 years of experience in operating tours in Croatia and abroad. We offer expert services including organising luxury accommodations, transfers and tailor made experiences as well as a wide variety of supporting services, so that you can have a carefree vacation.

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