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We will reveal you the treasures of Croatia, which will captivate you forever.

Who we are and what we do

Yacht charter agency Lord yachting was established in 2006., and since then, we have been recognized, by our guests and business partners, as one of the most reliable agencies in yacht charter business.
We are based in Split, Croatia, providing yacht charter of crewed motor yachts, blue cruise gulets, mini cruisers, bareboat and skippered motor yachts, sail boats and catamarans, from marinas in Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir, Kastela, Dubrovnik.

Along with bareboat charter, where you seek for privacy, we specialized in organizing all kinds of special events, such as weddings, business meetings, presentations and incentives, educational seminars and much more, all combined with socializing and exquisite cuisine, necessary to complete this unique experience.

Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia

Values and principles that guide us

We inspect all the boats personally and know all the crew, making sure the service is top notch. This allows us to give you the most detailed information regarding the condition of particular yacht and equipment, the crew profile, as well as to discuss with you all the possible extras you would like to have during your cruise vacations.

We have taken time to learn and understand all the services that will be of use to our clients and to establish criteria in selection of the boats we provide for charter in Croatia. Thus, we are talking here about outstanding cruise vacations only because we are capable to provide them to you.

Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia

Being a small team, we are able to establish close relations with our businesses partners and our guests, to get to know personally each boat and crew member, to influence on the level of service provided on the boats, to add an extra value to each cruise and to completely dedicate to each guest and each charter, which is highlighted by the fact that a large majority of our work comes from referrals by satisfied customers.

What we value is trust that our guests give us and thus our commitment to provide the excellent service, to keep a certain level in engagement with our guests, to make the cruise a complete nature/historical/gourmet story, our determination to protect our hard earned reputation and to do that all responsibly.

Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia

We believe that what makes us different is the fact that for each season we try to reinvent the whole concept of cruise, adding the extra values, new ports of call, which allow you to visit the remote destinations, along with the popular ones, activities on board and land, interesting excursions, wine tasting, hiking, biking, rafting and improving very much the gastronomy on board the crewed yachts.

All our cruising suggestions offer you the chance to try the region´s local specialties and to learn more about the destination. We work very hard throughout the year to make sure our guests have unforgettable vacations.


In addition to yacht charter, we provide respectable number of luxurious villas along the coast and on islands. The villas have been carefully chosen, according to very high criteria like quality of materials, furnishing, facilities, location, service.
If you hunt for the perfect place, the right combination of location, furnishing, amenities, view and friendly local host who will welcome you and will be at your disposal all the time, we have it ready for you.

Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia

Beyond your expectations

Croatia has been recognized as the next big thing, thus, each season out guests are stunned by the beauties they´ve never dreamed about. Clean blue waters, amazing bays and beaches, rich and excellently preserved historical heritage, very delicious local cuisine, plenty of wine tasting routes and much more, make Croatia just perfect place to visit.


Being a local agency, we are able to provide anything you can think of, since we are always here for you.

Take advantage of us as local agents, because the reasons are plenty:

  • we know excellently each boat, each villa, crew member and local villa host, thus, we will suggest you exactly the boat which will suite you, the villa which will impress you, emphasizing all the advantages
  • 24/h local assistance is provided to you, for anything you might need on cruise or in villa
  • you are personally welcomed on the boat
  • we check on your vacations, on daily bases, with captains and villa hosts
  • we have excellent local knowledge which you can take advantage of, when it comes to wine and dine, additional excursions, transfers, places, ports, bays and anything else you might need
  • we cherish personal relations with boats´ and villas´ owners, which allows us more influence and better service which will be provided to you
  • we only rent the boats we want to cruise on and villas we admire
  • we can add anything you need on the boat and in the villa, from additional equipment to specially ordered food and drinks
  • with our local knowledge, we can be innovative each season
  • local agents provide more security, because we are here during your cruise and your stay in villa
  • if something goes wrong, we are here with you and for you (assisting in lost luggage, medical assistance, delivery etc.)

Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia Lord Yachting Croatia


Our working philosophy and our guiding principles are simple, you are here only for short period and nothing can be left to a chance. Thus, our job is not to give you a boat in charter or to accommodate you in villa and say farewell, our mission is to provide you with the whole backup story.

What we will do for you:

  • suggest you only a good boat and nice villa
  • provide you with the most detailed information on boats, cruise, villas and local areas
  • provide all the potential costs, so there will be no surprises
  • on the boats we also organize weddings, educational seminars and presentations, team buildings, incentives, special events and much more
  • provide professional skippers and hostesses or villa staff
  • suggest itineraries and put it into the brochure with pictures and descriptions of destination
  • organize interesting trips and activities in addition to cruise, such as wine tasting, diving, biking, hiking, rafting on the river, guided tours
  • we will suggest you the best restaurants and rural households and make reservation for you
  • we can book hotel room if you arrive prior to charter period or prolong your stay
  • organize transfer from airport to boat
  • take care of your luggage if you come too early for check in
  • we will discuss with you the menus and cruise details, if you are on the crewed yacht
  • we will deliver food and drink for you in advance
  • if you think of anything else we could do to make your stay more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to inform us, we are here for you.

You can contact us by mail or call us any time, to discuss personally about your vacation.

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