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Croatia by Gulet

What better way to explore one of the most beautiful coastlines of the world than in a spacious and luxurious wooden ship? Gulets are by far the most popular way of experiencing Croatia because they offer comfortable accommodations and the feeling of sailing on a traditional wooden vessel. Experience the unique shore and the crystal clarity of the Croatian Adriatic on your Gulet holiday.

Thanks to our local knowledge, we can show our clients the unexplored side of Croatia, while creating a historic and traditional cruising experience.

Discover the beauty of Croatia on a Gulet cruise

Cruising Croatia by Gulet is an incredible and unique way to experience the stunning Adriatic coast with all its islands and coves, but also natural and historic beauties. Allow the wooden hulls of your Gulets to connect you to the spirit of the sea, which will guide your journey into the delightful regions of the Adriatic. Pass through Poseidon's gates to reach the Brijuni National Park to the north, or the Kornati National Park to the south. With more than 1000 islands, the Croatian Adriatic Sea is truly one of the last undiscovered places on earth.

Explore the Adriatic coast and islands

The Adriatic coast is riddled with picturesque islands which you can explore on your Gulet cruise. Every port and seaside town is a unique gem, ready to be experienced through the unique atmosphere onboard a wooden Gulet. Let our experienced Gulet crews guide you through the most beautiful sights on the Adriatic coast, like the walled city of Dubrovnik, or Mljet island, the greenest island in the Croatian Adriatic. On a Gulet cruise, the most beautiful locations in one of the cleanest seas in the world are only a sail away.

Gulet cruise in Croatia

A Gulet cruise in Croatia symbolizes freedom, not only of movement but of the spirit as well. Create memories that will last a lifetime in an atmosphere that is charged with tradition and meaning. Experiencing the beauty of the Croatian sea is meant to happen on a Gulet, the most natural and respectful way to travel around a body of water that has seen countless centuries of trade, trials and tribulations, only to preserve its beauty and spirit entirely.

Why choose a Gulet cruise for your Croatian vacation

A Gulet is a traditional wooden sailing vessel used for leisure cruises in the Mediterranean. Spacious and stunningly beautiful, these wooden ships can host some 20 passengers and are a great way to experience Croatia in a traditional way. The wood adds a strong presence of all things natural, historic and traditional since this is the way that our ancestors have sailed the seas for countless centuries. Add to that the comforts and amenities of modern living, and you have a sure one-way ticket to a unique holiday in Croatia.

Popular Gulet routes in Croatia

When you book a Gulet Cruise in Croatia, all of the Adriatic is your oyster, but there are some Gulet routes that are more popular than others. This includes locations like Split, Hvar, Brač, Korčula, Vis and Dubrovnilk. Each of these locations has something special to add to your vacation, so pay close attention to tips from your local Gulet crew, who know all the best restaurants, beaches, bays, parks and underwater caves around the most popular Gulet routes in Croatia.

Planning your Gulet cruise in Croatia

At Lord Yachting we specialize in planning Gulet cruises on the Adriatic coast. Our team of professionals can assist you in planning out an ideal route, whether you are a fan of history and culture, or simply want to enjoy the sunny coves and beaches, there is something for everyone in Croatia. A Gulet cruise is the perfect way to experience the lush and aquatic beauty of Croatian islands alongside the primal and robust Croatian coast.

Luxury Gulet charter

If enjoying fine dining with a sunset view on a beautiful wooden ship seems like the dream vacation, then chartering a luxury Gulet is the way to go. Our luxury Gulets feature air conditioning, beautifully furnished quarters and sun decks, all meticulously maintained by professional crews. Savor Michelin-level food as you enjoy cocktails made by the onboard mixologist, only to lose yourself in the limitless azure waters of the Croatian Adriatic Sea. Create memories with your friends and family that will last a lifetime on a Gulet charter in Croatia with Lord Yachting.

Enjoy a luxury Gulet vacation in Croatia

It is said that one hasn't experienced a truly luxurious vacation if they haven't visited Croatia and tasted the fine wines and great food on the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you book a Gulet cruise, things get even better, because then you can have an entire wooden yacht at your disposal, complete with sunbathing areas, excellent food, authentic wines, and incredibly comfortable accommodations. Feel the unlimited potential of movement on a Gulet in Croatia, and visit only the most beautiful and exotic locations in the Adriatic.

On-board entertainment and leisure activities

At Lord Yachting, we are always prepared to go the extra mile for our guests, and organizing onboard entertainment and leisure activities is just one of many ways we show our consideration. Enjoy themed dinners, DJ-fueled parties, cocktail hours, yoga workshops, and authentic local performers, who will dazzle you with ethno-musical notes, circus performances or native dance routines. You can only expect extraordinary things to happen on your Croatian Gulet vacation.

Dining and relaxation on your Gulet

Dining and relaxation are at the heart of the Gulet experience, with delicious Mediterranean cuisine served on board and ample space for soaking up the sun or unwinding in the shade. From fresh seafood and local wines to gourmet dishes prepared by private chefs, Gulet dining offers a taste of the best of Croatia's culinary delights made by masterful chefs. Expect only freshly-caught seafood, hand-picked wild herbs and spices, and locally-grown produce that is 100% farm-to-table (or in this case, island-to-Gulet).

Luxury Gulets in Croatia

During the summer, the Adriatic becomes very busy with luxury ships sailing to and from exotic locations, in search of the best experiences the seaside has to offer. Chief and most authentic among these ships are Gulets, which offer a traditional way of exploring the beautiful Adriatic coast with all of its hidden gems. Transform your expectations of what a holiday should be like by booking a luxury Gulet with Lord Yachting, and take the first step into the land of luxurious relaxation.

Find the perfect gulet

Choose from a wide range of luxury Gulets in Croatia

We offer a wide variety of Gulets for you to charter, from smaller more private vessels fitting 6 people to larger more spacious ones for 16 guests. There are many choices to be made, from modern sailing vessels to traditional wooden Gulets filled with the spirit of tradition. Depending on the size of the vessel you book, so too can you expect an upgrade in comfort and amenities, with the most modern Gulets boasting services that rival and surpass even 5-star hotels on land.

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