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Croatia's Most Popular Destinations

Small cruise ships take passengers to some of Croatia's most popular destinations which are best explored from the sea. From breathtaking National Parks and beautiful islands with hidden coves to ancient port cities full of history – sailing the Adriatic is the best way to visit Croatia’s most popular destinations. Some of these include Split, known for its ancient Diocletian's Palace; Hvar, famous for its vibrant nightlife and stunning fortresses; and Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its preserved medieval city walls. The cruises also cover breathtaking islands such as Korčula, the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo, and Vis, which was off-limits to tourists until the 1980s, hence retaining much of its charm and authenticity. On a small cruise voyage in Croatia with Lord Yachting, you get more than a simple visit to these popular destinations. You get the chance to immerse yourself in their culture, taste their food, explore their history, and enjoy their natural beauty, all the while enjoying the luxury and comfort of your small cruise ship.

Luxury Amenities

When experiencing a small cruise ship in Croatia, it's not just about reaching the destination, it's about the journey itself. These ships offer top-tier amenities designed for utmost comfort and satisfaction. Each cabin features high-quality furnishings, air-conditioning, WiFi, phone, USB sockets and en-suite facilities. There are also large portholes, offering panoramic views of the stunning Croatian coast. Additional luxury amenities include alfresco dining areas, spacious sundecks with comfortable loungers and well-stocked bars. Some vessels even feature jacuzzis, perfect for relaxing after a day of sightseeing or swimming. The crew's personalized service further enhances the luxury experience on these small ship cruises, serving drinks at the bar or snacks on the sundeck. No luxury small ship cruise in Croatia would be complete without gourmet dining. Lord Yachting excels in this area, offering on-board meals prepared by experienced Michelin-level chefs. Using locally-sourced ingredients, they serve a variety of Mediterranean dishes that perfectly complement the idyllic surroundings. With Lord Yachting, the journey truly becomes as memorable as the destinations.

Popular Luxury Small Ship Cruise Itineraries

Journeys on a small cruise ship in Croatia usually feature some of the most popular cruise itineraries, covering the northern, central and southern Adriatic. In the northern part of the Adriatic you will have a chance to explore ancient Istrian port cities such as Rovinj or Pula, alongside the Brijuni National Park, Cres, Lošinj and other beautiful islands full of hidden coves. Exploring the central Adriatic on your small cruise ship voyage will lead you to the beautiful Kornati National Park, a collection of beautiful islands of varying sizes, as well as the historic ports of Zadar, Šibenik and the islands of Murter, Zlarin and the Zadar archipelago. The Split to Dubrovnik itinerary, which covers the southern Adriatic, including the islands of Korčula, Hvar and Brač is particularly popular, offering a perfect blend of ancient cities, secluded beaches, and vibrant nightlife.

Discover the Beauty of Croatia on a Small Cruise Ship

Small cruise ship voyages showcase the key features of sailing in the beautiful Mediterranean country that is Croatia. Lord Yachting offers the opportunity to explore Croatia's myriad islands, crystal-clear waters, and historic ports of call with each voyage on a small cruise ship delivering immersive experiences. Croatia has seven National Parks, of which four are located on or near the Adriatic Sea. Whether you are looking to explore archipelagos untouched by nature or want to see the beautiful Krka waterfalls, we can accommodate your wishes and help you discover the beauty of Croatia. Lord Yachting, together with Free Spirit Tours offers a wide variety of off-shore activities which include hiking, bike tours, wine tastings, sunset dinners, oyster tasting and much more.

Overview of Small Boat Cruise Options in Croatia

Our small cruise ship options are ideal for large family getaways, corporate events or groups of friends. Whether you are looking to give your business partners a unique incentive or surprise your family members with a vacation of their lifetime, we offer a wide range of on board entertainment and amenities including dinners cooked by private chefs and on-board concerts. Sailing on a small cruise ship offers a plethora of options, and Lord Yachting excels in providing cruises for larger groups. Such cruises often include gourmet tours focusing on the culinary delights of Croatia, active cruises with daily physical activities, and nature-focused cruises exploring Croatia's National Parks and natural wonders. With such an extensive variety, you can be sure that Lord Yachting caters to every type of traveler and preference.

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Excursions and Shore Activities

Known for their range of excursions and shore activities, small cruise ships in Croatia are the perfect choice for an excursion-based holiday plan. Their itineraries are designed to offer passengers a comprehensive Croatian experience, blending cultural exploration, outdoor activities, and gastronomic delights.

Shore activities include guided tours of historical sites such as the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik and Diocletian's Palace in Split. There are also opportunities for wine tasting in Korčula, truffle hunting in Istria, or oyster tasting in Ston. The variety of these activities adds a cultural richness to every small cruise Croatia journey with Lord Yachting.

But excursions are not limited to cultural experiences. Lord Yachting also arranges for water-based activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. For nature lovers, there are hikes and bike rides through beautiful national parks. These diverse activities ensure that every moment of a Lord Yachting voyage is filled with excitement, adventure, and discovery.

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