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Our experts will carefully guide every step of your yacht charter journey

How to charter a yacht

Chartering a yacht can seem complex, but is a fairly straightforward process. At Lord Yachting, we will lead you every step of the way to find a perfect yacht for your dream vacation. From defining your itinerary to listing your food and amenity requirements, our expert yachting advisors will help you find what you are looking for. For a step by step breakdown on how to charter your yacht visit our charter guide page.

Managing charters for owners and captains

We connect owners and captains with customers looking to book yachts, this means owners can work less and rent out their assets through a single point of contact. Less paperwork and administration, more days on the sea for your yacht and crew equals increased profitability and crew experience. Visit our charter management page for more details.

Why charter with us

Lord Yachting is Croatia's premiere yacht charter agency, with over 15 years of expertise in providing guests with their dream vacations on the sea. We work only with the best charter managers, captains and crews to offer you the perfect combination of yacht and itinerary. The Lord Yachting team members will always give their best to ensure you have a great yachting experience.

The Lord Yachting charter guide

How to charter a yacht: a comprehensive guide for smooth sailing

How to charter a yacht in the Adriatic? Spending your summer vacation on a yacht is an extraordinary and luxurious experience that offers you flexibility and freedom on the sea. Chartering a yacht means your holiday will be both private and exclusive, full of scenic vistas, excellent food and good company. Catering to your specific requirements, a personalized itinerary will help you see and experience what you desire, while avoiding the crowds.

Lord Yachting - Yacht Charter Guide

A step by step guide to yacht charter

Chartering step 1

Choosing your destination in Croatia

Whether you are looking to explore the beautiful northern islands of Croatia, rich in wine and olive oil, or sail the central Dalmatian coast with its many port cities and towns, or even explore the historically and gastronomically rich south, the experienced charter managers at Lord Yachting will first help you determine the best route to take on your yachting journey.

Chartering step 2

Listing your requirements

Every yacht charter is different and unique, that is why at the beginning of the chartering process we ask about your requirements and interests, in order to determine the best vessel and crew for you. From recreational activities such as jet skis, paddleboard and snorkeling to fine dining with the sunset every night, we can accommodate your wishes and help you plan your vacation.

Chartering step 3

Finding the perfect yacht

Based on your preference list and the destinations you want to visit, we will match you with the perfect yacht to suite your specific needs. Every yacht offers a unique story, depending on your preferences and proclivities. We offer vessels suited for all kinds of vacations, from adventurous trips to leisurely luxurious holidays.

Chartering step 4

Booking your charter

After pairing you with the perfect yacht and crew, we will help you book your charter. The booking process consists of selecting specific dates for the charter and issuing a contract. Our dedicated charter managers will be available throughout the entire booking process to help with any questions you may have.

Chartering step 5

Creating your itinerary

Chartering a yacht provides you with the ability to personalize your holidays to the fullest, we will work with you to plan every aspect of your trip. This includes shore excursions and on-shore activities, a list of places you will visit on your charter, dining options whether on-board or on-shore as well as any on-board activities you may need.

Chartering step 6

Meeting your captain and crew

The captain of your yacht, alongside with their highly trained crew, will be fully briefed on your itinerary and preferences. Their task is to ensure that every detail of your journey goes according to plans, so that you may enjoy your time in leisure.

How to behave on a yacht

Yacht charter etiquette

Every yacht is a unique story of its own, however there are some general rules as to what you can expect from your yacht charter.

These rules are generally oriented towards safety, but also so that your charter experience can run smoothly without any interruptions.

The following rules are related to how you should dress and behave on board. Following rules while on board is important for safety as well, so always be attentive to your captain and crew.

  • Most yachts do not allow on-shore footwear to be worn on the yacht, this means you should have soft deck shoes or go barefoot on most yachts and sailboats.

  • Please make sure to inform your charter manager of any pets you plan on bringing on board, as this has to be defined in advance with the captain.

  • Space for suitcases and personal items is limited on a yacht, please bring soft luggage and check in advance how many items can be safely stowed onboard.

  • Smoking is usually permitted only on the deck of the yacht, and not in any closed off areas, for safety reasons, please consult your yacht manager about smoking policies on your specific chartered yacht.

  • It is customary to leave gratuity for the crew, however the amount is up to you, if you are satisfied with the level of service you receive, make sure to leave a tip for the captain, who will then distribute it to the crew.

Lord Yachting - Transfer

Transfers and accommodations

Lord Yachting offers transfer and accommodation services, such as airport transfers or accommodations if you or one of your group members needs them. Let us know if you require assistance with travelling from and to your embarkment destination and we will gladly help you arrange transfers.

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